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22 July 2010

Potato Frittata

The weather forecast last weekend's Sunday was a foggy, gloomy day so imagine my delight when I saw the sun shining so brightly! I am in charge of breakfast for weekends and I would usually just cook some eggs in the scrambled and sunny side-up variety and have fried rice with it. But it felt really good to have a sunny Sunday that I decided to jazz up our egg breakfast and make potato frittata.

The name might not be familiar, but Filipino households would have cooked this at one time or another. The main ingredients are potatoes and eggs. My Nanay actually adds chopped onion to her version but I find that biting into onion pieces somehow interrupts the subtle flavour of the potato and the egg.

This is so easy to make and so yummy! Understandably, you might want to add a few other veggies into it but it will be a new dish altogether. I suggest you try this simple version first before exploring the possibilities.

1 large potato
3 size 6 eggs
a glug of oil
salt and pepper to taste

Wash the potato, peel off the skin, and cut into small dice.
Sramble the eggs, adding salt and pepper to taste.
Cook the potato in oil over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until tender (easily pierced with a fork). This will only take about 7 minutes or so.

Spread out the potatoes, then pour scrambled egg. Lift the edges so that the egg can flow underneath and get cooked.
After a couple of minutes, slide the frittata onto a plate. Cover the plate with the inverted frying pan over the plate, then flip back and return to the stove. Cook the other side for another couple of minutes or so.

Serve sliced into wedges.

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  1. ang sarap. this somestimes is my lunch, and even my dinner!!

  2. NoBenta: This is so simple and yet yummy!