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12 July 2010

Melon-banana smoothie

My wife bought a melon inspite of it being a bit expensive (read: imported) because she missed the taste and asked me to prepare it for after-meal consumption. Without that clever gadget most Philippine kitchens have that turns coconut and melon meat into strings, I resort to the blender. I decided to add a banana because this fruit goes well with almost anything. It also adds a bit of texture into the smoothie. However, I recommend using only a small banana as its taste can overpower the melon.

1 melon
1 small banana
1/4 cup milk
1.5 tbsp sugar, or to taste


Split the melon into 2. Using a spoon, remove the seeds, and then scoop out the fruit onto the blender. Here's an idea: use the melon halves as bowls. In our case I had to serve four people so I used glasses instead.

Peel off the banana, then roughly cut it up and add onto the melon. Add the milk and sugar.

Blend until smooth. Have a taste, and adjust with sugar if needed.

Chill in the ref for about half an hour. Serve cold.

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