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04 September 2009

Street barbecue

Wherever you go in the Philippines, there is bound to be readily-accessible food just around the corner. One street food I like having is barbecue. When I was a kid, the only time we'd have hotdogs roasting merrily away over hot charcoals is during Christmas and New Year, and so just having a hotdog on a stick can spurn happy memories. Having one by the roadside is like an instant party!

I still remember when I had this pork barbeque (pictured above). We were in Dolores, Quezon at that time (my wife's hometown). We were simply strolling by when we saw the grill and barbecue waiting for us near the gate of a neighbor. While we waited for our orders to be done, my wife chatted with the proprietor. It's one of those towns where you practically know everybody. A charm that my hometown, Baguio City, has unfortunately lost already.

Now where was I? Ah yes, the barbecue. Usually the sauce can be found nearby, with a choice of sweet, sour, or spicy. We chose sour for that round as we dipped our scrumptious snack on some vinegar with a bit of pepper. My mouth is watering from just remembering that day!

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