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16 June 2009

Veggies galore

Having trouble incorporating veggies onto your meals, keeping to simple meat dishes that only require a quick dip in the hot oil? Here's a site that will entice you to give veggies a try. Vegetables.co.nz will give you not only recipes but also tips on the best ways to handle vegetables properly so you can get the most out of them.

From the homepage itself, you can already select a vegetable of your choice and learn about its nutritional benefits and handling.

Another very handy feature is in the Recipes tab. Simply select a course (appetiser, meal, hot accompaniments, salad, soup, children) and a vegetable and a list of recipes will be listed out for you. How's that for convenience?

The online content is also supplemented by fresh inspiration, a publication that talks about food, foodies, and recipes. While this print publication is available only in New Zealand, you can still get a copy as a PDF version.

So head on over to vegetables.co.nz and see green!

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