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31 May 2009

Super side salad

Have I mentioned that we have lettuce growing in the garden? We have more of it now than we can hope to consume. So when we learned that we had visitors coming over for dinner, I thought I'd better make use of these greens for a side salad.

What I had in mind was only something that we can munch on while the main course was still cooking, so I grabbed whatever was available and came up with this salad. And when I offered our guests the green stuff and passed some saucers around, I thought they'd simply finish a small portion out of respect and wait for the rest of the meal. Was I ever surprised! They immensely enjoyed the salad, and even helped themselves to second and third servings! Either they are very gracious guests, or they definitely loved my salad. My wife also had seconds though, so I'm guessing I did well.

A bunch of lettuce leaves, washed and dried (either through a salad spinner or patting them dry... rather cumbersome though)
a couple of hard-boiled eggs, sliced thinly
bacon, fried to a crisp and chopped into small pieces.
Thousand island dressing
fruit. We had some grapes so I used that. You may also use a variety of fruit such as chopped apples and sweet oranges.
Any type of bread, torn into small pieces and toasted over a pan with butter over medium heat.
Combine all ingredients together. Drizzle with Thousand Island dressing. Leave the bottle on the dining table; some might like a bit more on their serving.

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