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14 April 2009

Lemon-butter sauce

Our basil now has a companion - baby spring onions! I have recently bought a pot of baby spring onions from Countdown and planted it on a bigger container. It's quite a robust grower. After only a couple of days I have seen new growth. Spring onions is great for salads, sauces, and cooked dishes. Having it by the kitchen counter is really great because you can simply pick off a couple of stalks, chop it up, and add to your dish.

The sleeve came with a description and some recipe ideas for spring onions. With it is a very simple butter sauce that can be used for pan-fried fish fillets. We were having breaded fish fillet for dinner so we thought we'd try it out!

1/4 cup melted butter
4 tsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
chopped spring onions, about 2 stalks

Melt butter on a pan
When butter is sizzling, remove from heat.
Add the lemon juice and spring onions and stir

Serve on a small bowl for dipping fish or any other seafood.

This is a simple butter sauce recipe. There are loads more varieties in the net, incorporating other ingredients. It's a great way to enhance the simple fried seafood, and serve with dips other than ketchup.

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