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09 February 2009

Overflowing omelette

We wanted rice and scrambled eggs for breakfast one morning, but since it was a weekend we had the day pretty much to ourselves so we can take a bit more time to enjoy cooking. And what better way to have the humble scrambled eggs transformed into a scrumptious omelette for breakfast?

Having an omelette is like having a wonderful experiment. You can pretty much put anything into it as your filling, for as long as it can be fried and has no sauce. So I rummaged the ref and came up with leftover spam, some tomatoes, a medium potato, some cheese. All these are dutifully chopped.

I love potatoes in omelette. If you're going to have some, better chop this up first and start frying it up over medium fire while you chop up the other ingredients. The potato is cooked when you can already pierce the cubes with fork without breaking apart. The color will also be light brown.

Scramble two eggs. I like separating the yolks from the whites first, then beat the yolks first, followed by two tablespoons water (you might want to use milk instead), then follow it up with the whites and continue scrambling.

Push the egg to the center and occasionally lift up the edges so the uncooked portions can move to the pan and cook.

While some people like their omelettes a bit wet (some of the egg remain uncooked), I like mine thoroughly done. So I flipped the egg to do just that.

On a half portion of the egg, dump the cooked potatoes, spam, tomatoes, cheese, and what-have-you. Then lift the other half of the egg over the filling.

Let cook for a minute or so, enabling the cheese to melt. Yum yum!

Actually... I overestimated the quantity of filling for this recipe and so it was indeed overflowing. But no matter... the omelette was promptly consumed in a matter of minutes!

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