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25 January 2009

Supermarketing in Wellington

We were doing our groceries one time when Jo-Lo borrowed my iPhone and started taking photos. It was a good blog idea so I decided to place some of the photos here.

From a general point of view, the supermarket here isn't really that different from those that we have in Manila and Baguio, except that we pay in NZ dollars here. There are, however, noteworthy things we have observed here.

I was delighted the first time I saw produce from the Philippines in the shelves. We export bananas here! That, and Dole canned pineapples.

While I have yet to see a huge variety of fish like what we have, there is always salmon available. This is quite expensive in our urban areas but it's quite affordable here.

Ummm... have I mentioned that salmon is in abundance here?

You wouldn't believe the variety of carbonated drinks they have here. They have a homegrown drink called L&P which we incidentally like very much.

The Pavlova waiting to be bought and decorated.

It wasn't a surprise that there's a lot of milk products here. Fresh milk, that is. Powdered milk variety is a lot lesser. Milk here tastes great!

More milk and yoghurt...

... and cheese! Lots of cheese!

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  1. Wow, andaming Salmon. Salmon is one of my favorites. Parang ang sarap maggrocery jan sa NZ. I have a friend who's moving soon to Wellington. Sana makabisita ako kaagad jan para naman makita ko ang mga magagandang tanawin. :-)

  2. Dyosa: I'm sure your friend will enjoy it here in Wellington as well :-)