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14 January 2009

Dreaming of Amici

I couldn't help but smile inspite of myself. I first blogged about Amici di Don Bosco a couple of years ago, and during that time all I knew was that it was a great Italian pizza and pasta place. A couple of years hence, it still is a great place and now it is simply called Amici. I laughed at my old post because I wrote there that they had an ice cream station. Good thing I did not stir an uproar... it's called gelato! I loved the mint flavored gelato.

I have been to Amici with friends for a lot more times since then. And our orders have expanded over time from the wide selection of pizzas and pasta, to other items in the menu such as the chicken and the sausage. Yummy fare.

I loved the homey cafeteria feel of Amici. Dining at Amici was actually an event by itself. It always excited me when we would go to Amici for dinner.

I guess it was just proper that we had our farewell lunches in the Philippines with friends at Amici. It was a surprise lunch that my good officemates organized for us.

I look forward to dining there again.

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