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01 November 2008

Bag of Beans

In my last week in Manila, I got together with my trekking friends. We visited Tagaytay one early morning with the intention of visiting a nearby waterfalls. It was a spur-of-the-minute idea actually, because if you will notice in the final photograph, we were not in our proper trekking attire. We dropped off at Bag of Beans for a much-needed breakfast.

This is just my second time at Bag of Beans; I enjoyed my first visit and I was sure that this will just be as fun.

See? I feel at home already! Tee-hee!

Their main dining hall. Perfect for large groups. Being so early, we had this place all to ourselves.

There are pocket areas in the garden outside for dining but we wanted to be able to stretch out, and so we stayed inside the roomy, main dining area.

Hot mugs of coffee was passed around as the sunlight started to warm up the place.

I love their brewed coffee and their bread in my first visit. But this time around, I settled for something heavier on the tummy: tapsilog! We also ordered different items on the menu so we can sample a bit of each.

Blueberry pancakes!

Tapsilog, a favorite!

Pancakes and bacon, anyone?

These are waffle pancakes, I think.

It was one of those days which I wished would last longer than 24 hours. I loved the ambience at Bag of Beans, the food is awesome, and with the company of good friends, it was a truly wonderful time.

Thanks guys for the memorable day.

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  1. I had the chance to have coffee at bag of beans once, when we took a day trip to tagaytay. Nagcoffee kami dun after lunch. i absolutely love the place! ang lush ng garden at ang interiors very homey yet very stylish.

  2. they already have a small stall in ATC selling coffee beans and pies :D