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24 November 2008

121 in Salcedo Village, Makati

Back when I was working in Makati, we would always head for 121 for lunch especially if it was a salary day. 121 is an open air restaurant, so named because it was located at the Adamson Center, 121 L.P. Leviste Street in Salcedo Village. Originally, their pork chop was also priced at P121.00 but has since increased. No matter, we still had more than our share of lunch there.

Their house specialty, the pork chop, is soooo good. Tastily marinated slices that's fried to perfection. And the dip... it complements the pork chop so perfectly! It's a mixture of soy sauce and garlic and there must be some other spices in there. We can't get enough of the pork chop and the dip.

Plus, we would order their frozen iced tea, another incredible treat. We would usually get the garlic fried rice, and end up getting extra rice. It would ultimately round up to about P250.oo but nobody's complaining.

I can just remember the good times at 121.

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  1. it does look good... that's a great find... :)

  2. I'll find this resto and let you know if the prices are still the same. :-)

  3. things i like about this place

    1. The Pork chop and the sauce, yummmy na hindi pa harang sa presyo.

    2. Cold beers and other beverages again tama lang sa presyo. I like thier frozen Iced Tea and Green Mango

    3. I like the staff very friendly and they will let you feel that you are a regular customer and important as the others.

    4. Hirap nga lang kumuha ng table kas laging puno o kaya di pa pwede mag expand sa pinaka lobby area.