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07 October 2008

Baker's Depot

I admire people who can transform the lowly flour into works of gastronomic art. Cakes and pastries are celebration and relax time staples, and the smell of baking is one of the most wonderful smells ever.

Getting the tools and ingredients for baking can be a daunting task though, especially since a majority of Filipino homes are not equipped with ovens, much less bakers.

Well, here's good news. Baker's Depot is now available to cater to every baker's whim and delight. Utensils, ingredients, decor, you name it. They even have this chocolatey base you can use to make lollipops that are popular during Valentine's. My wife was delighted when she saw this... too bad we're no longer in the area to engage ourselves in a new hobby.

Baker's Depot is located at the ground floor of WalterMart Makati. This is not a paid advertisement. :-)

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