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22 August 2008

Coconut rice

There are things that I try to store in memory but end up forgetting days later. These are miscellaneous bits of information such as TV program schedules, store names, recipes. But this one particular recipe caught my attention as it was being shown at Discovery Travel and Living last week and the amazing this is, I can still remember the recipe (though I don't know the name of the show). Though this is Thai in origin, it might be something you will be interested in as well, as the ingredients are abundant in our country. This recipe requires a rice cooker.

3 cups rice
200 ml coconut milk
200 ml water
1 large pandan leaf
1 thumb-sized ginger

Put washed rice in rice cooker pot. Pour coconut milk and water.
Repeatedly tear the pandan leaf from the middle, pulling it apart but not letting the ends still intact. Tie into a knot and place on top of the rice.
Remove the skin of the ginger and crush. Place also on top of the rice.
Cover and let the rice cooker ... ummm... cook the rice.

Apparently this is great with fish and curries. Will definitely try this recipe soon.


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