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28 April 2008

Sinigang na baboy

Sinigang (pork in sour soup) is one of my favorite viands. The more sour the soup, the better! And you can have a variety of souring agents: tomatoes, sampaloc, miso. The miso part I still do not understand though (but I like it too!), but hands down, sampaloc is my favorite souring agent.

Unfortunately, it is rather work-intensive as you have to submerge the sampaloc in boiling water and mash it up and squeeze it to get the sourness into the water. But thanks to the instant sampaloc mixes, we can have the goodness of sinigang at less time. Still, nothing beats the real thing! But it's good enough to suit the busy lifestyle.

Here's the recipe for sinigang na baboy using instant sampaloc mix:

1 kilo pork, pigue, chopped into sinigang size (the butcher can chop this for you)
1 bundle kangkong
1 bundle sitaw
3-4 pieces gabi, skinned and chopped into bite-sized pieces
water for soup
1 sachet sinigang mix

In a pot, place pork and submerge into water. Bring to a boil, occasionally removing the icky things that float. With a fork, occasionally check if the meat is cooked.

Drop the gabi and allow to cook.

When the gabi is already piercable, add the sitaw, and the kangkong. We like our sitaw crunchy. Wait for just a minute, then put-in one sachet of the sinigang mix.

Add salt to taste.


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  1. oh yumm! you just made me want some sinigang.

    Nick, anong difference ng pigue sa regular pork meat? I've seen the term pigue in Filipino cookbooks but wasn't sure if that was a particular cut of meat or just a variation of saying pork meat?

  2. JMom: Ang sarap talaga ng sinigang!

    Yung pigue is a section of the pig will tender meat and a fair amount of fat, which is nice for sinigang.

  3. Oops, si Jo-Lo pala nagcomment. Thank you baby! hehe

  4. Mmmm, sinigang! It's one of my favorite Filipino dishes. Nakakamiss kumain nito!

    Btw, this is Nina from Kainpinoy. We've put up your link :)

  5. Nina: maraming salamat! Will visit your blog again soon. I have put up your link as well :-)

  6. tamang tama...i am just finishing up on my sinigang now...yours looks yum!

  7. Yummy, one of my fave Pinoy dishes. Naku, natatakam tuloy ako.

  8. Ces: Thanks po! Actually Mother-in-law ko yung nagluto, at ako yung nangungulit kung anong ginawagaw nya. hehe

    Leah: Sarap ng sinigang!

  9. i love sinigang! kahit pork, beef, shrimp/ prawns or fish!! :D